AreaShop: Rent/sell ingame areas to players

AreaShop is a plugin for the Minecraft server API called Bukkit (continued by Spigot). This plugin makes it possible for server admins to sell and rentout ingame regions with for an ingame currency. To achieve this AreaShop integrates with WorldGuard for defining regions and Vault for economy integration. The plugin is open source and can be found on GitHub. Documentation of the plugin is available on the wiki of the GitHub repository. The plugin is maily distributed through the Spigot resources section and the BukkitDev platform.


Usage stats

The plugin tracks some basic usage stats by making use of MCStats, a service used by most popular plugins. Current stats can be found on this page, it however does occasionally have downtime. The rank is based on the number of servers the plugin is active on, currently there are 68 plugins (out of 25000+) that are registered in the system that have more active servers.

Stats as of 04-05-2016:

2 2