app and portal

Starting in Februari 2017 I started my final project of the Master Computer Science at, in combination with helping them with the app and portal. Geert-Jan Bruinsma and Emiel Mols founded the company. The app allows guests to communicate with the hotel they booked a room, as well as providing information about the hotel and its surrroundings.

Screenshot 6

App: Homescreen

The homescreen shows the bookings the guest has, which can be clicked for more information

Screenshot 20171219 213415

App: Hotel information

The app shows information about the hotel (as added by the hotel owners). This could be text items, websites or pdf documents.

Screenshot 20171219 213426

App: Chat with the hotel

Next to the information is the chat, so that the guest can ask all his questions.

Screenshot 20171219 213444

Portal: Guest invites

On this screen new guests can be invited, and the progress of invites can be followed. 11004 1 stayScreenshot 5x

Portal: Adding content

On this page content can be added and edited. All content items can be created in multiple languages, the hotel can decide which languages should be available. A preview of the content is immediately shown on the right to get a good impression of how it looks in the app. 11004 1 stayScreenshot 5x 1

Portal: Chat

The chat interface is used to answer questions from guests. 11004 1 stayScreenshot 5x 2