ErrorSink: Collect Minecraft server errors on

ErrorSink is a plugin for the Minecraft server api called Bukkit (continued by Spigot). The plugin collects all errors of the Minecraft server (and the installed plugins) and reports them to is an error collection solution that supports a ton of different platforms and programming languages. The ErrorSink plugin hooks the Java error collector of into the Minecraft server, so that server administrators get all problems in a nice web interface.


ErrorSink is open-source and can be found on Github. It is also published on the Spigot forums, where server owners can find it, ask for support and give feedback.

Web interface:

When an error is sent to it can email the administrator, so that they can react quickly if necessary. All errors are shown in a list in the interface, grouping errors if multiple of the same errors are collected. has a lot of features to filter the errors, assign them to team members, mark them as solved, etcetera. Different error types can be collected: information messages, warnings and errors.

issues overview

Issue details

As much details as possible are collected with issues. It starts by collecting the stacktrace and/or message of the error. Breadcrumbs are also attached, listing the last 50 messages in the console (often helps to identify what caused the problem, for example a player using a certain command). Below the issue custom meta information is shown. ErrorSink by default adds the Minecraft server version, the installed plugins with their versions and the number of online players. Server owners can add their own meta information using a config file. Tags are another meta information, these can be used to filter issues ('server_name' is a tag visible in the image, indicating which server the error occured on).



ErrorSink has an extensive configuration file that allows server owners to suppress errors, add information to them and group them. It also allows filtering and changing breadcrumbs.