Paiq: dating website redesign

Paiq is a Dutch dating website that takes a different route than other websites. Instead of sifting through dozens of profiles Paiq comes up with matches that are interesting for you, so that the chance you find your true partner is a lot higher. Next to this Paiq offers small games (quiz, speeddate, photo tournament) to find new matches, these games are described below.


After working for Happening for a year I moved to Paiq, which is also owned by Frank van Viegen en Jelmer Feenstra (and also located in the same office). The complete front-end of the website has been redesigned to have a modern look and feel, and to remove all technical debt. The front-end uses CoffeeScript with an in-house reactive framework, the backend uses PHP. Part of the redesign was to make the website responsive. At first there was a seperate mobile and desktop version, but now this has been changed into one responsive version. The website has three columns on a laptop and desktop, goes back to two columns on smaller tablets and has one column on phones. This ensures a consistent experience across devices.


The homepage only had some minor style changes since it was already updated before the big redesign. It tells the story of Paiq and allows users to login or signup.


Main screen (logged in)

After logging in you get to the main screen of Paiq. Here you can chat with your existing contact and use the available games.



After signing up to Paiq you need to answer some questions to indicate what kind of person you are yourself, and what you are looking for. The AI of Paiq uses these answers to come up with the people that match to you the best, represented with a Paiq score.


Match information

For all your contacts you can view match information, this shows details about the match like age, location and the Paiq score. The Paiq score is calculated based on the questions and indicates you good the person matches for you, and the other way around. When you are matched on Paiq the pictures of your match will be blurry at first. By chatting with eachother you will slowly get a sharper picture, so that the look of your match is revealed.


Photo tournament

To find new people you can do a photo tournament. It starts with 32 candidates, which you rank from place 1 to 4 in groups of 4. After this first round half the people will be left, after two more ranking rounds you get the final result. The result shows the four people you ranked the highest, the four people Paiq thinks are the best matches and four people that might be interesting for another reason. At the result page you can decide to send one of the people a photo reaction, which is one photo of yourself with a small message.



SpeedDate is another way to find new matches. You start by opening the SpeedDate page, on which there will be a couple candidates listed from the other people that are speeddating. You can select the candidate that you think is the most interesting, which will show the other person they are selected. If the other person selects you back a SpeedDate will start. In a SpeedDate a timer runs down and when the time is up you need to decide if you want to continue. If you both want to continue then the chat continues, after again a few minutes chatting it is time to decide if you want to add eachother as a match.



The last game to get new contacts is the Quiz, here you can create your own quiz and answer quizzes of other people. If you decide to answer a quiz you first get three multiple choice questions. If you have answered these correct then you can fill in the three open questions and send the quiz answers to the other person. They can decide if your answers are interesting and can add you as contact.