Whereabouts: See each other's location

Whereabouts is a Happening app for seeing the current location of all people in a group. It can for example be used during a festival to find back your friends. The app shows the locations on a map build with OpenStreetMap data, the Leaflet api and MapQuest tiles. 


Location permission

First you need to share your location, you can do this for a limited time by tapping the 'indefinite' text. While creating Whereabouts timed location permissions was introduced to the Happening core.


The map

The map shows the location of all members, along with the accuracy of this location, represented by a circle the member is in. Whereabouts also lets you set a 'Place to be', which can show an important location. While creating Whereabouts the location tracking features of Happening have been improved. For example an easier way to track locations of all members (which gave permission) in a group in the client side code and improved reliability to getting a location when requested (while not draining the battery of you phone).



When a location of a member of the group is outside of your current view a pointer will be drawn that indicates in which direction and how far away a person is. Clicking the pointer will immediately take you to the position of this member. When opening the app it will try to position and zoom the map to have at least 80% of the members in view, so that you can quickly see where they are.