SplitTheBill: Track of who owes money to whom

SplitTheBill is a Happening app for tracking who ownes money to whom. It allows you to add transationcs, which specify who has paid and for who. The app tracks the balances of the participants, so that you know how much money you are in the negative or positive. It also offers functionality to settle the balances, which means that the app does a proposal for a set of transactions to get everyone on a balance of zero. The initial concept was created by Emiel Mols, after which I worked on the app to get it completed. The code can be found on GitHub.


Home screen

The home screen shows your own balance, a button to see everyones balance, a button to settle the balances, and a list of all transactions (with the amount that it effected you).


All balances

Shows the balances of everybody in the group


Add transaction

You can provide a description, select who paid for it, and select for who it has been paid. This example shows that 'you' have paid 10.51 of which is 5.0 for ThijsMobile and the rest is split 1:2 between yourself and ThijsMobile2. By tapping 'Add other(s)' multiple payers can be selected, or you can enter a payment made by someone else.



The screen shown when settling the balances, as payer you can confirm that you have paid, and as receiver you can confirm that you have received the money (which moves the transaction into the list below).