Soccer club KOSC

KOSC is the local soccer club, for KOSC I have created a new website to offer more flexibility to the organisation. Think about adding news items, match reports and adding pages and menu items. The site uses the content management system Joomla to offer this flexibility. The site has been designed by HeerINC, and build by me.



On the homepage of KOSC the news messages are in a central place. In the top bar you can navigate to one of the team pages or upcoming tournaments. On the left is navigation to informational pages. The current ranking of the first team is immediately shown on the right to be quickly accesible. This ranking is automatically updated with data from the soccer association the KNVB.


Competition Schedule

A very important aspect of the site is to check the competition schedule, because this provides information about one of the core activities: playing socces matches. The website automatically retrieves this information from, which provides easy access to the KNVB data. This ensure that the schedule is always up-to-date. If matches are canceled the schedule will show a clear red box on the row of the match, indicating that it has been cancelled. The website will also show a red box on the top left of the website on all pages to indicate that one or multiple matches have been canceled.


Team pages

The team pages are another important part of the website. A team page is a page showing all relevant information about a single team of KOSC. This includes the staff helping the team, the sponsor they have, the training schedule, the competition schedule, the competition ranking, competition results and team photo.